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We create spaces for inclusive learning.

Learn how to produce the most engaging and inclusive programs to reach your audience.

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White label solution

Just for you

An inclusive digital learning platform

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Beautifully designed and pedagogically advanced

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Make it yours with your branding and feature selection.

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Securely hosted in germany, hassle free, cloud-based

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International web standards are guiding implementations & improvements.

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What we do

The finest tools...

... needs the finest players! That is why we developed a portfolio of trainings to assist you in designing and producing content, creating engagement and hosting successful and inclusive learning experiences

Digital Storytelling

Storyboarding | Narratives | Interactive Learning

The transition from offline to online content entails so much more than uploading files! We help you build narratives and design learning outcomes around your content. We enable you to direct your own online content mastering the art of storyboarding. You will be able to make smart decisions about methods and interactions which will lead your learners to accomplish the defined learning outcomes! 

Digital Pedagogy

Blended Learning | Self Paced Content | Project based Learning

There are plenty of options when designing digital curricula – it really all depends on what you are going for. We help you create entire concepts to deliver your content. Which part of the content will be delivered in what mode? Would it make sense to plan cohorts? 

We think in programs, cohorts, projects, live sessions, and self paced learning and combine all these into a meaningful and engaging curriculum for you learners.

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Diversity & Accessibility

Accessibility | Inclusivity & Belonging

Equal access to education starts with inclusive and accessible content. Content should reach its audience, no matter their background or individual limitations or impairments. In online settings, this means designing content in an accessible way, choosing inclusive language, and being aware of how different didactic methods are perceived (and so much more…). We are here for all of it and gladly help you navigate these topics! 


Navigate the power of AI | Content Creation | Digital Ownership

Content Creation: Use tools wisely, know the limits and biases 

Integrate tools into your interactive elements

Let’s talk

Looking for a digital solution? We are here for you.

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